Friday, March 16, 2018

February, 1986 Galactic Gazette

In February, 1986, SoonerCon 1 was still being planned.

 This cover is a parody of the Dewar's Profile ads.

Mike Powell was the newly elected President.

 Tamara and Mike Hodge were STAR OKC Treasurer and SoonerCon Chair, respectively.
 This page begins a continuation of a long saga by Bob Higgs, called Remember the Heroes.

The above page of filler by yours truly is one of the few products of my typing for which I cannot imagine a purpose.  Just filler.  Bleahh.

Sorry to leave you with "Bleahh," but that's the final page of the February, 1986 Galactic Gazette.

See you next time.

Monday, February 26, 2018

1989 - SoonerCon 5 Program Book, Pages 35-44

The rest of the SoonerCon 5 Program Book, November 17-19, 1989.

The Reverend Oral Love was a persona adopted by David Means, who now rejoices in a role on the Board of Directors of the Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society.

The top image by Kevin Hopkins ... the others?

The bottom-right image is by Keith Berdak ... what of the others?

 Let's assume that the WorldCon bid on the bottom half of the page above was a jest ....
This post wraps up the Program Book from 1989.  All hail to Bill Hodgson, the Program Book chair!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

1989 - SoonerCon 5 Program Book, Pages 24-34

These pages continue the guest bios.

 The cartoon at the top of the page by Teddy Harvia; art in middle of page is by Kevin Hopkins; bottom image by Bill Hodgson.
 Filler art on this page by Kevin Hopkins.
 Top image by Larry Dyson, bottom by Rick Lowry.

 Aaah, the joys of Planet Comics (top ad) ....
 Whose enchanting art at the bottom of this page (above)?

Well, that's all for this installment.

PS ... you may request a PDF of the Program Book by emailing me, or leave a comment with your email info.

Friday, January 12, 2018

1989 - SoonerCon 5 - Program Book Pages 12-23

Happy New Year!

SoonerCon 5 was held November 17-19, 1989, at the Central Plaza Hotel.  Here are the next dozen or so pages from the Program Book.
 Roger Allen was our Fan GOH.
You can tell what role Randy Farran played (get it, played?).
Writer David Brin, booked as a "Special Guest," was a no-show for some reason I don't remember.  Walter Jon Williams was our Writer Guest at the Con.
 Richard Arnold, our "Media" guest, is a friend/acquaintance of ThunderChief Larry Nemecek, who wrote the above bio.
 SoonerKin were previous SoonerCon Big-name-Guests.

And with the above centerfold, this installment of the SoonerCon PB closes.  See you around, kiddies!