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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

More of the SoonerCon 4 Program Book

Welcome back, and Happy New Year, friends!

The missing (scanned but misplaced) pages from the SoonerCon 4 Program Book are now unlost.  Here are pages 15-26.

 The "SoonerKin" were basically previous panelists and/or previous featured guests who were encouraged to return every year, to help spice things up.  They were given free admission.

I remember the discussion at a SoonerCon ConComm meeting, about renaming PseudoCon.  For some reason, they liked the "P" as the beginning letter of the con name.  I suggested, "Why not PsurrealCon -- leave the 'P' at the beginning!"  And so it happened.

PS -- See that Kevin Hopkins art shown on page 26, just above?  If was repurposed 18 years later as the cover art for the first of the new SoonerCons, in 2006.

See you soon, I hope, with the rest of the SoonerCon 4 Program Book!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

More of SoonerCon 4's Program Book -- 1988

Just before SoonerCon 25, I posted the first few pages of the SoonerCon 4 Program Book.

Here are more.

 Octavia Butler was our literary GOH.

 Sweet Angela Bostick, aka Lowry, was our Artist GOH.

 Margaret Middleton was Fan GOH.

 Melinda Murdock was another writer guest.

These are pages 6-14 of the book; that's all that are scanned, so far!

Thanks for joining me into a look at SoonerCon's part!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

SoonerCon 4: Program Book 1st Instalment

SoonerCon 4 was held at the Central Plaza Hotel on October 21-23, 1988.

 Wonderful art from Angela then-Bostick, now Angela Lowry.  Our Big-Name-Guest line-up was all distaff, and this cover lines up our guests with Muses.  Who is the representative of Science?  Is it Toastmaster MS Murdock?  The central place is our Writer GOH, the gracious Octavia Butler; and the representative of the Muse of the Arts is Our Angela .
 Our charity was the YWCA Battered Women's Shelter.  We raised $900 for them.  We also raised $200 for the Warren Norwood Fund.
 This welcome from Chair David Means lays it all out.  We also have another fine bit of art by Angela.
The ConComm and other stuff.  You may notice that I was the President of STAR OKC for long enough to write the "Welcome to SoonerCon" letter.  That was due to attrition, and soon remedied at the January, 1989 STAR OKC elections.
Here's the typical "Policies" page, with some more art by Angela.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

More SoonerCon 4 Adornments, and Newspaper Coverage

Here is a button won in the Costume Contest:

And here's another example of a multi-tasking Con membership badge:

The first morning of  SoonerCon 4, October 21, 1988, The Oklahoman ran this article:

Next post:  The Program Book, Part 1.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

1988 - SoonerCon 4 Pocket Program

Here's the pocket Program from SoonerCon 4, held October 21-22-23, 1988, at OKC's central Plaza Hotel.

Art is by Angela Bostick.

I shouldn't be surprised if this filler art is by Bill Hodgson.

See you again soon, I hope!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

SoonerCon 4 Dealers' Rom Info - The Con Suite

SoonerCon 4 was held at the Central Plaza Hotel in OKC on Fri-Sat-Sun, October 21-22-23, 1988.  Here is the Dealers' Room handout:

As you can see, Wall Tables were $50, and Aisle Tables were $40 each.  Bring your own extension cords so you can play the videotapes you're selling!
If you could find somebody to watch your table, you could sneak off to the Con Suite, which provided pop, snacks, and (at some SoonerCons) beer to this with ID.

These fine fellow are (L-R):  Vice-Chair Jon Powell (also in charge of Dealer's Room); STAR OKC member Mike Powell (NO RELATION); and some unknown attendee.

I hope it won't be months until our next bit of coverage of SoonerCon 4!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SoonerCon 4 Is Coming!

Here is a flyer for SoonerCon 4, held in October, 1988.

Surely this nifty art is by Angela?  There's an "A.F.B." on the front of the space suit.

For the ConComm, each year was a panorama of things-to-do.  We had a schedule of when we were supposed to have things accomplished.

What a lovely idea, to plan ahead!

See you next time ...


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

1987 - SoonerCon 3 - Attendance Survey, Press Release, etc

The above is a tabulation of a survey of SoonerCon 3 attendees.  Who our number cruncher was, I don't know.  But it sure looks demographic!

The above is a press release by publicity maven Larry Nemecek, then of the Norman Transcript,  later known as ThunderChief through his helming of ThunderCon (of which more anent).

 Here's the programming grid.  Note the straight lines!  I suspect somebody pretty smart did this. These pages were the result of dozens, possibly hundreds, of hours of planning.

Con Chairs asked for each department head to write up a brief job description/how-to-do-it guide for any successor.  The above is notable in its explanation of VCR chaining and other hi-tech procedures.

Nowadays we have computers to do everything, right?

See you at SoonerCon 24!