Friday, April 26, 2019

SoonerCon 2006 Program Book -- The Rest

The concluding pages of the first Program Book of the reformed SoonerCon.
 Bibliotech Books, in Shawnee, has been a faithful advertiser with us since 2006!  Also, note the appearance of SoonerCon's original mascot, the dino/dragon named Boomer.

Above is a better view of our little friend.
 Feel free to print out this crossword and solve it yourself.

 The scheduling grid is very down-n-dirty, complete with pasted-in "x"s to denote closed rooms.

While it was fun to dummy up the above ad, the actual art by Artist GOH Keith Birdsong is super-spiffalicious.  You will see it in posts to come.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you at SoonerCon 28, just over a month from now!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

SoonerCon 2006 Program Book -- The Middle

Here are pages 9 through 19 of Sooner Con 2006's Program Book.  This re-establishment of the grand name took place July 15-16, at the Bricktown Central Plaza.
Yes, every guest who provided a photo had it printed!

 Bradley H. and Sue Sinor continue to be gracious guests at SoonerCon.

Powerlift has been an advertiser since the re-beginning.

Ditto the Friends of NRA.

We had a fine lineup of guests, especially considering that this fledgling con was a first step, with no previous cred except the name, which had been inactive since SoonerCon 13, 1997.

Next time, the rest of the Program Book.