Sunday, March 10, 2019

SoonerCon 2006 Program Book - beginning

The first renewed SoonerCon took place on Saturday-Sunday, July 15-16, 2006, at the Bricktown Central Plaza.
Our cover art, a fine evocation of our theme (suggested by your humble correspondent), was earlier seen on page 26 of the SoonerCon 4 Program Book, in 1988.  It's by the always-Okie Kevin Hopkins.

And as you can see from the copyright slug, the "parent group" of the new SoonerCon was "the SoonerCon Syndicate."  This comprised yours truly, Con Chair Jerry Wall, and Michelle Wilson.

 The "Illegal Substances" section of our policies may be the first appearance of the simple advice, "Don't do it if it's against the law."  After all, SoonerCon isn't a convention for Civil Disobedients … although our clientele may overlap from time to time ...
 As you can see, we also have more fine "filler art" from Kevin Hopkins.

Here endeth the first eight pages from the resurrected SoonerCon.  Without the hard work of the folks listed in the ConComm credits, the glorious present reality would not be here.

Thanks for stopping by, friends, and observing the fruit of your correspondent's obsessiveness!