Friday, January 12, 2018

1989 - SoonerCon 5 - Program Book Pages 12-23

Happy New Year!

SoonerCon 5 was held November 17-19, 1989, at the Central Plaza Hotel.  Here are the next dozen or so pages from the Program Book.
 Roger Allen was our Fan GOH.
You can tell what role Randy Farran played (get it, played?).
Writer David Brin, booked as a "Special Guest," was a no-show for some reason I don't remember.  Walter Jon Williams was our Writer Guest at the Con.
 Richard Arnold, our "Media" guest, is a friend/acquaintance of ThunderChief Larry Nemecek, who wrote the above bio.
 SoonerKin were previous SoonerCon Big-name-Guests.

And with the above centerfold, this installment of the SoonerCon PB closes.  See you around, kiddies!