Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

More of the SoonerCon 4 Program Book

Welcome back, and Happy New Year, friends!

The missing (scanned but misplaced) pages from the SoonerCon 4 Program Book are now unlost.  Here are pages 15-26.

 The "SoonerKin" were basically previous panelists and/or previous featured guests who were encouraged to return every year, to help spice things up.  They were given free admission.

I remember the discussion at a SoonerCon ConComm meeting, about renaming PseudoCon.  For some reason, they liked the "P" as the beginning letter of the con name.  I suggested, "Why not PsurrealCon -- leave the 'P' at the beginning!"  And so it happened.

PS -- See that Kevin Hopkins art shown on page 26, just above?  If was repurposed 18 years later as the cover art for the first of the new SoonerCons, in 2006.

See you soon, I hope, with the rest of the SoonerCon 4 Program Book!