Thursday, February 25, 2016

SoonerCon 4 Dealers' Rom Info - The Con Suite

SoonerCon 4 was held at the Central Plaza Hotel in OKC on Fri-Sat-Sun, October 21-22-23, 1988.  Here is the Dealers' Room handout:

As you can see, Wall Tables were $50, and Aisle Tables were $40 each.  Bring your own extension cords so you can play the videotapes you're selling!
If you could find somebody to watch your table, you could sneak off to the Con Suite, which provided pop, snacks, and (at some SoonerCons) beer to this with ID.

These fine fellow are (L-R):  Vice-Chair Jon Powell (also in charge of Dealer's Room); STAR OKC member Mike Powell (NO RELATION); and some unknown attendee.

I hope it won't be months until our next bit of coverage of SoonerCon 4!