Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SoonerCon 4 Is Coming!

Here is a flyer for SoonerCon 4, held in October, 1988.

Surely this nifty art is by Angela?  There's an "A.F.B." on the front of the space suit.

For the ConComm, each year was a panorama of things-to-do.  We had a schedule of when we were supposed to have things accomplished.

What a lovely idea, to plan ahead!

See you next time ...


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

1987 - SoonerCon 3 - Attendance Survey, Press Release, etc

The above is a tabulation of a survey of SoonerCon 3 attendees.  Who our number cruncher was, I don't know.  But it sure looks demographic!

The above is a press release by publicity maven Larry Nemecek, then of the Norman Transcript,  later known as ThunderChief through his helming of ThunderCon (of which more anent).

 Here's the programming grid.  Note the straight lines!  I suspect somebody pretty smart did this. These pages were the result of dozens, possibly hundreds, of hours of planning.

Con Chairs asked for each department head to write up a brief job description/how-to-do-it guide for any successor.  The above is notable in its explanation of VCR chaining and other hi-tech procedures.

Nowadays we have computers to do everything, right?

See you at SoonerCon 24!

Monday, January 19, 2015

More from SoonerCon 3 - 1987

 A scan of the "badge of honor" worn by then-STAR OKC Prez Mike Hodge.  As you can see, his area of high responsibility was the Con Suite.

Back in the pre-internet days, publicity was handled by mail-out.   Much effort was expended to acquire a possibly overlapping group of addresses, such as the mailing list for another SF con a few states away, or a local comic-book store.  The kind of one-sheet above would also be sent to local newspapers and even social clubs.

 Here's an update from Dealers' Room chair David Means letting them know that a Thursday set-up is no longer in the works.  Note the statement towards the end that SoonerCon might "make the Central Plaza our home in perpetuity."  We are all lamenting that this did not come to pass.  Maybe not all are lamenting.
Great art from Dell Harris for SoonerCon 3!  It should be on a hundred dozen T-shirts!  (This is a high-res scan from a photo print of the art.)

This is a version of the "Deadline Schedule" that supposedly guided the departments.  If it was "X" months away from the Con, then x-y-z should have been completed by your department.

Happy New Year, see you soon I hope!