Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SoonerCon 2 Pocket Program, Flyer, Questionnaire

Here are the last of the items from SoonerCon 2, held in October, 1986.

SoonerCon 2 was held only a few months after SoonerCon 1 so that a "standard" date for the Con could be established.  We wanted to have a late fall/early winter con, and it just wouldn't do to go a year until the following fall.

So people dashed around like mad to have  a SECOND SoonerCon about four months after the first.  This was the main reason for only having two "official" days -- Saturday and Sunday.  Also why this con was promoted as "Pure Con Extract" by Con Chair David Means.

I really don't know the source for the lab-rat-in-spacesuit concept for the badges.

Even though the "Friday" schedule -- nothing but video -- begins with "10AM," I am pretty sure that this room started at  10PM, and then ran 24 hours until Sunday afternoon.

Here's the questionnaire distributed to con attendees in the hopes of defining our demographics/audience.  Maybe someday we will run across the findings from these.

Next time, in a month or so ... SoonerCon 3.

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