Monday, December 23, 2013

January, 1986 Galactic Gazette

We begin with a cover by Bob Higgs, whose characters always know how to rumble.

New VP Mary Powell welcomes us to the New Year.  She's married to the new Prez, Mike Powell.  As you can see by the final line, STAR was meeting at the Bethany Library.

According to Treasurer Tamara Hodge our $1100 needs to be augmented in preparation for SoonerCon 1, which would take place in June.

My column is about the GNP/Crescendo/Label "X" releases of Star Trek music.

Next we have four pages of Bob Higgs's saga "Remember the Heroes."

The last page is a map of Norman's MedFair, since we are going to sell things there to raise money for SoonerCon.
And thus endeth the January 1986 issue of the Galactic Gazette.