Friday, August 30, 2013

December 1985 Galactic Gazette

The cover art, appropriately named for the forthcoming December activity, is labeled "Comet Watch."  It is signed "O'Daniel."  The only O'Daniel that I know of in STAR is Gayle O'Daniel, who was also 1985 Treasurer Mike Hodge's mom, who occasionally put up with us at her place for meet-ups.  Gayle was also the "Graphics" person for SoonerCon 2, which was in November 1986.

Here is a sign-off as President from Tamara Hodge who is tired.

Here is a letter from me about Christmas with a bait-and-switch at the end to try & get people to consider Jesus in a different way.

Here is a summation note from outgoing Treasurer, the aforementioned Mike Hodge, who notes that in 1985 STAR went from around $40 in January to $1300 at year's end.  Of course this wad of cash was raised (and augmented in the coming years) in order to fulfill Mike's vision, explained to me across a table at Hardee's a year or more before this:  "We gotta put on a con."
SoonerCon history began!

Here is an illo from STAR Bob Higgs, captioned "Next!"  It's typical of Bob's subject matter, sexy gals and violence for interlopers.

Here we have a reminiscence from Veronica Blochowiak, an ex-STAR who has moved to California.
And that about wrapped up 1985 in STAR!