Friday, February 1, 2013

Photos from December 1986

On December 12, 1986, STAR members trekked out to Bob Higg's trailer in the middle of nowhere to hold a "Comet Watch" party.
This would have been Halley's Comet, which was pretty disappointing this go-round, looking something like a stretched-out cotton ball viewed from about thirty feet away.
In this photo we have Mary Powell (left) and Tamara Hodge (right) working on snacks.

Here we have Mike Powell (left) and a guest whose name is lost to history (right).  For the record, Mike did NOT have a smear of light-colored make-up down the center of his face, this is a camera/film artifact.

In the above photo, we have Mike Hodge on the extreme left, flanked by our host Bob Higgs (bandana-head).  In the background we have Tamara Hodge again.  In the extreme background we have an unknown person.  In the mid-background, looking towards Tamara, is Bob Schuch in the brown sweater vest.
I don't remember if we saw any comets.  The only thing I remember from that night was the very long and very very bumpy trip between an actual road and Bob's trailer.  It seemed that we were driving back and forth across the Continental Divide, which had been paved with loose gravel.

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