Tuesday, November 6, 2012

September 1985 Galactic Gazette

This month's cover is by Veronica Blochowiak, and makes one wonder how long it would take for the nymph's wings to dry out after a dip in the stream.
In fact, as you can read below, soon after this month Veronica headed out to Sunny California, all the while protesting that we didn't spook her into leaving.


One of the topics mentioned by Prez Tamara was star-gaving at Bob Higgs' trailer.  This actually came about after SoonerCon, at the end of 1986.  Photos will be later forthcoming.

One of the possible down sides of having zine-based newsletter is those months when few people have anything to say, such as this month's Galactic Gazette.
Officerly duties are almost the only content, except for the loudmouth below.

The framework on the above page is the skeleton for my silly and uncompleted (only 100+ pages)novel, whose working title the past twenty-five years has been Fiends and Friends from Outer Space.
At least my mom liked it!

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