Friday, November 2, 2012

1986 Halloween Party!

The STAR OKC Halloween party for 1986 was held at the home of Bob & Janetta Schuch, and these releics show some of the participants ...

Above are Mike and Mary Powell, "just a couple of hayseeds from Pudunk, Oklahoma"...

Above are Ed and Kathy Porter.  Ed is Indiana Jones, Kathy is putting up with it.

I don't know the names of the two above ladies.  Any help?  And no, I don;t have their phone numbers, either, so don't ask!

Above are yours truly (long before Nightmare Before Christmas was even a glimmer in Tim Burton's eye!!!), and that sexy witch Joyce.

Here are Tamara Hodge (left) and Mike Hodge (right), re-enacting the results of a Rogaine commercial gone terribly wrong...

Now here's a man who's not afraid to be silly!  That means A REAL MAN BABY.  It's Bob Higgs as Kermie the You-Know-What.  It looks pretty easy bein' green here!

Because of the mask, I will hazard a guess.  My guess is that the above person is Myron Moody.  Can I get a witness?
Next ... who knows!?!?

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