Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some Photos from SoonerCon 1

Soonercon 1 was June 6-7-8, 1986, at the Hilton Inn Northwest in OKC.  Here are some photos.
This is OK author Mike McQuay.

This fine fellow is Tom Disch, who was our Toastmaster.  He's wearing the necktie I gave him.  I wore it as part of my outfit, dressed as "Dr WHAT."  He admired the tie so much that I gave it to him.

I believe that the redhead on the guitar is Misty Lackey.  The gal sitting on the ground with short black hair is CJ Cherryh.  Who's going to be our guest again at SoonerCon 22 in 2013!

Next time, more photos of SoonerCon 1.  Unfortunately for you, they include me!


  1. Isn't the redhead Misty (Mercedes) Lackey? I thought so as soon as I saw the pic but then was unsure since you didn't seem to know.

    1. I don't know why it listed me as unknown since I signed into google to post this. This is Lindalee Stahlman Volmert.