Friday, August 10, 2012

More Photos from SoonerCon 1

Here's OKC area author Mike McQuay again.
'Twas in this silly outfit that I went into the costume contest as "Dr What!?" 

Note the small glimpse available of the tie I'm wearing.

Also at SoonerCon 1, I had a ton of fannish stuff for sale in the Dealers' Room.  Amateurish? Yup.  Lucrative? HECK YEAH!  Several hundreds of dollars were made.

Here is that tie again, given to the fashion-plate Toastmaster Tom Disch because he admired it so.  By the by, this was one of several ties made by my dear and departed Sister Sue and given to her little bro.

Here is GOH Gene Wolfe and his Mrs.  I'm wearing a hand-crafted STAR OKC T-shirt.  It had
STAR OKC  in an attempted STTMP font, with an outline of the STTMP Enterprise, and below that, the hand-lettered  THE  FUTURE  IS  NOW.  This  is the same T-shirt I'm wearing in the Dealers' Room photo farther above.

These are two views of an absolutely UNIQUE sci-fi item.  You see, when Tom Disch admired the aforementioned tie that my sister had made, I gave it to him.  As a "curtsy and reply," he grabbed one of his own T-shirts from his suitcase and autographed it.  Later on, I went over the autograph with stitching so it would last longer.

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