Sunday, July 15, 2012

August 1985 Galactic Gazette

We begin the August, 1985 Galactic Gazette with a depiction of a boy and hius big lizard by Paul Marek.

These (previous pages talk about preparations for SoonerCon 1 and new members.

In my VP rant, I mention that Entertainment Tonight reports that Star Trek IV will be about Kirk's trial and Elisha Cook will reprise his role as Samuel T Cogsley from the episode "Court Martial."  I have NO IDEA if that is true or if I just made it up.  As we know, Kirk's "trial" before Starfleet took up about 5% of the actual film.

This is apparently a list of all the videos I had at the time in case somebody wanted to watch them.

Here's a short-short by Veronica Blochowiak.

These final pages are a tale by Paul Marek.

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