Friday, April 6, 2012

July 1985 Galactic Gazette

This Gazette was produced after-the-fact because certain members (like yours truly) whined and stamped ther feet about the Gazette not using July Fourth as an excuse to not get done.

So it's a short one!

Our cover is by Janetta Schuch, a fairly new-at-the-time member along with her husband Bob.

On July 3rd STAR worked at the Fairgrounds at a food booth & made about $300 of income, all of which was destined for SoonerCon.

Our treasurer Mike Hodge notes that STAR now has about $650 in store for SoonerCon.  Don't you love tha last line, hoping that "we'd have this thing paid off before it starts" ?

Stay tuned!  And HOWDY to far-flung ex-STAR Veronica B!