Saturday, March 24, 2012

June 1985 Galactic Gazette

That's a dragon spreading his wings, and if you think it's supposed to look like something else, then you're just so wrong.

Tamara Baker, soon-to-be Hodge, has become President for some reason I don't remember.

Somehow, yours truly became Vice-President.  as the last tag on the page above says, "by reason of attrition."  That's probably better than through regicide as in the Star Trek "Mirror" universe.

Mike Hodge, in control of the purse strings, mentions that the Club has a total of more than $400 to its name, "with checks and everything."  He describes attempting to line up geusts for our new convention to be held in 1986, called SoonerCon.  Vonda McIntyre and Gordon Dickson aren't available, and nobody answered at Tom Disch's house.  (Although it worked out that Disch will come to the first Soonercon!)

 Now we have some writings from Veronica Blochowiak.

 We appear to have 23 members of STAR OKC.  Yours truly MAY be the only person of all of this motley crew to STILL HAVE the same address/phone as way back then.  But just in case, we have performed some surgical obliteration.

 Next we have some group fiction by Denise Reedy, Tammy Bothel, and Tamara (still) Baker.
Stay tuned for more of the awesomely fascinating history of the OKC of STAR and the lead-up to the original SoonerCon.

Just don't hold your breath. (channeling the dry wit of M Hodge there)