Monday, January 30, 2012

April, 1985 Galactic Gazette ... Harbingers of SoonerCon

Here's mine own cobbled-together cover for the April, 1985 Galactic Gazette.  Back before desktop publishing, such photo montages were accomplished by mutrilating copies of STARLOG magazine and newspapers in the hopes that the photo of the Elephant Man would be somewhat the correct relative size to replace that of Dr McCoy in the pic from STAR TREK II.

The reversed logo was accomplished by photocopying the logo onto cellophane at Kinko's, flipping it, and copying the thing from the back.

BTW ... April Fool's!

These next three pages were notes from the Prez and Vice-Prez.

Above are some of my musings on the sould and its attachment to our bodies.  If we have a soul, and we get transported to Planet X from the starship Enterprise, then (in the words of the Talking Heads), How Do I Work This?

It used to be if the body were destroyed, a person was dead.  But with matter "transportation", there's a live body waiting somewhere else, while the "original" flesh-and-blood is disintegrated.  What happens to your soul?

In much the manner of Farmer's Riverworld thoughts, I posited that "somehow" the soul would be able to find its beamed-over copy, and reattach itself.

These pages are a fun story, "Love on the Rocks," from a STAR member, who last time I heard was on the West Coast.

Next came some fanservice pages.

...followed by more pages from Bob Higgs' "Remember the Heroes."

Our last page is an aid for STAR OKC members to get around at the 1985 OU Medieval Faire.  We sold various items at MedFaire to raise funds for our own convention, spearheaded by Mike Hodge. 

This is important, because without the 1985 Medieval Faire, there would be no SoonerCon.  Then, or now.

More next time on THAT!

Monday, January 16, 2012

March 1985 Galactic Gazette

Our cover is by longtime STAR Tami Bothel.

Here we have more of Tamara Baker's history of comic-book censorship.

Info on costuming for the upcoming Medieval Fair.

Here we have more of Bob Higgs' megastory, "Remember the Heroes."

See you again soon I hope!