Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Beginning of 1983


The New Year begins with these officers: President Tammy Bothel, Vice President Larry Jones, Secretary Paul Marek, Treasurer Mike Hodge, and Publications Mark Alfred.

At the January meeting, member Mark Alfred announces his first book publication, the article “He’s Dead, Jim,” in The Best of TREK #6. Also, members celebrate that KAUT-43 in OKC will carry STAR TREK. Yes, decades ago there was a TREK drought on TV. Also at the January meeting, it is decided to adopt a “universal dues-paying system. Everyone paid remainder of dues for this year and everyone pays dues in December.”

On April 8, another STAR baby is born: Mark and Joyce Alfred produce Matthew. On April 23, the Club takes an outing to Martin Nature Center on Memorial Road.

At the May meeting, President Tammy Bothel resigns; “Larry Jones gains post. Mark Alfred’s arguing was sorely missed.”

The last issue of the one-sheet, photocopied STAR OKC News is the July issue. Basically, this version of a Club newsletter dies for lack of submissions.

Friday, December 3, 2010

More Photos from 1982

Here are other photos from the STAR OKC 1982 Halloween Party, held at Mark & Joyce Alfred's house.

And here are photos from the STAR Christmas Party of 1982.