Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Photos from BabelCon '81

 As you can tell by comparing these photos, I shaved off my mustache between Friday and Saturday.

On Friday at BabelCon '81 I shared a Dealer's table with my friend Ed Porter, and wore my blue ST:TMP uniform, visible in the center picture.

On Saturday I wore my "Admiral" ST:TMP costume, and in the evening was in character as "Selik the Vulcan."  Both of these works of sewing art were wrought by my own Wonder Woman, "she who is my wife," Joyce.

The gal in the top and bottom photos was named "Sunny" (spelling?), and she made a big hit with GOH James Doohan when she proved she could in fact PLAY those bagpipes. Besides being cute.  As you can see, she had her own Trek costume, from Engineering, which also tickled Doohan a bit.

Wife Joyce was also there Saturday evening, and the two of us, along with Sunny, ended up at a room party also attended by Doohan and another BabelCon '81 guest, CJ Cherryh.

One of the topics of conversation was, of course, the not-yet-released Star Trek II.  And Doohan was very skillful at deflecting questions about it.  He didn't leak a thing that would have given us a further clue than the available publicity.

Except for ONE thing, which only made sense in retrospect.  Doohan was kind enough to autograph Sunny's bagpipes case.  Besides his signature, Doohan wrote, "A sombre tone."

This only made sense to me after seeing STII and witnessing the bagpipes "Amazing Grace" sequence.

Very tricky, Mr Scott!

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