Monday, August 16, 2010

More Images of S.T.A.R. and Central Oklahoma Fandom in the 1970s

Fellow STAR, and heap-big Smart Guy, Larry Nemecek was featured in 1973 in the Norman Transcript .  At least they called him a "student" and not a nerd or a bigbrain.  Although he qualifies as both.

Sorry not to have a better scan.  You can't really read it.

Here we have a 1976 article from the Oklahoma City Times, using commentary on "those crazy kids" as a tie-in to Starbase Oklahoma City's plans for a Star Trek convention here in OKC.  It features comments from Darryl Maxwell, then 16, who was a member of Starbase OKC (forerunner of STAR OKC). 

The image with the photo of the kid in the STAR-TREK-plastered room is the second half of the article.

Y'know what -- I didn't have those particular pictures on MY bedroom wall, but I DID have a "color in the lines" 4-piece STAR TREK  poster set.

Yes, OF COURSE I still have them.  They're framed on the wall.  Some time I'll pull 'em down for some scanning, and share them with the galaxy.

Our last newspaper image for now concerns a STAR TREK trivia contest that the Oklahoma City Journal ran in conjunction with the 1979 release of STAR TREK: The Motion Picture.

If you'll read the column on the right, which gives the names of the winners (including their home addresses ... how quaint), the names of several then-or-future members of STAR OKC may be read.

They are:

Larry Nemecek
Mark Alfred (yours truly)
Tammy Bothel

Say ... all three of us not only were members of STAR OKC, we all served as Presidents for varying amount of times.

NEXT TIME:  ST:TMP mania baby!