Thursday, March 2, 2017

1988: SoonerCon 4: Review and Warthog Gazette

As you will recall, SoonerCon 4 took place October 21-22-23, 1988, at the Central Plaza Hotel in OKC.

A lot of fun was had by most (if not all), as attested by soon-to-be ThunderChief Larry Nemecek in this review, which appeared in STAR OKC's December Galactic Gazette.
Another bit of detritus from SoonerCon is this tattered bit of oral history.

From my understanding, the Warthog Gazette was produced by one or two people who listed at parties, or other places at the con, for silly statements, outrageous questions, or (even better) lines that could be taken out-of-context to raise some eyebrows.


I don't know if the WG appeared anywhere else in fandom or at other cons (I was going to ask if it appeared in con-dom!)  But you would find copies set out in the public spaces on Sunday morning ... so evidently it was worked over, in the wee hours of Saturday night, to be presented as a fait accompli, a bit of devilish fun.


Please, can anyone else shed some light on the true story of the Warthog Gazette?

See you another time, friends!