Sunday, June 5, 2016

SoonerCon 4: Program Book 1st Instalment

SoonerCon 4 was held at the Central Plaza Hotel on October 21-23, 1988.

 Wonderful art from Angela then-Bostick, now Angela Lowry.  Our Big-Name-Guest line-up was all distaff, and this cover lines up our guests with Muses.  Who is the representative of Science?  Is it Toastmaster MS Murdock?  The central place is our Writer GOH, the gracious Octavia Butler; and the representative of the Muse of the Arts is Our Angela .
 Our charity was the YWCA Battered Women's Shelter.  We raised $900 for them.  We also raised $200 for the Warren Norwood Fund.
 This welcome from Chair David Means lays it all out.  We also have another fine bit of art by Angela.
The ConComm and other stuff.  You may notice that I was the President of STAR OKC for long enough to write the "Welcome to SoonerCon" letter.  That was due to attrition, and soon remedied at the January, 1989 STAR OKC elections.
Here's the typical "Policies" page, with some more art by Angela.

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