Tuesday, June 16, 2015

1987 - SoonerCon 3 - Attendance Survey, Press Release, etc

The above is a tabulation of a survey of SoonerCon 3 attendees.  Who our number cruncher was, I don't know.  But it sure looks demographic!

The above is a press release by publicity maven Larry Nemecek, then of the Norman Transcript,  later known as ThunderChief through his helming of ThunderCon (of which more anent).

 Here's the programming grid.  Note the straight lines!  I suspect somebody pretty smart did this. These pages were the result of dozens, possibly hundreds, of hours of planning.

Con Chairs asked for each department head to write up a brief job description/how-to-do-it guide for any successor.  The above is notable in its explanation of VCR chaining and other hi-tech procedures.

Nowadays we have computers to do everything, right?

See you at SoonerCon 24!