Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SoonerCon 3 -- October 16-18, 1987 -- Program Book

 Cover art is by David Cherry, our artist GOH.  Thanks to Mike Hodge & Leonard Bishop for the info.

 Our charity was the Oklahoma Pediatric Cancer Association, which does not seem to exist any more under that name.  Does anybody know if it changed names, or went dormant?

 Con Chair was Casey Means (nee Hamilton); Mike Hodge was STAR OKC President.

 Art by David Lee Anderson.

Conquest  is still alive and kicking!
 Art by Dell Harris.
 Note the page header, "SoonerKin."  This was an appellation coined to refer to main guests from previous SoonerCons.  This status enabled them to get in free to future SoonerCons (free admission only).  Some STAR members thought this was giving away future possible revenue, others thought it was a nice gesture.

 Who was the artist for the bottom of this page?  Was it Angela (Bostick) Lowry?
 Now we have bios for "Programming Speakers."  Also note the ad for "Southside Comics" in Norman, later Planet Comics.

  Art by Dell Harris.
As was SoonerCon tradition, the outside cover of the Program Book was an ad for next year's show.  We already had our all-female line-up lined up!

More items to come from SoonerCon 3 include badges, flyers, attendee surveys, and others.