Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some of 1982 for STAR


Regrettably, virtually the only documentation available for this year is the seven volumes of the Club’s newest newsletter, the STAR News.

Each issue, like the l990s GG, is dated the month of the meeting at which it is to be dis-tributed. These 8½-by-11 or 8½-by-14 single-sided one-pagers look pretty amateurish nowadays, but a typewriter and rub-off lettering were the only tools available to the editor. Perhaps this is another case of the product only being as good as the poor putz dumb enough to volunteer.

Volume 1, Number 1 is dated March 1982 and announces, “WELL, HERE WE ARE. ... Your humble and (we hope) honourable servants are: Mark Alfred ... known worldwide for warp-10 mouth and impulse-speed brain. However, he cocks a mean eyebrow. Karen Fullerton ... a diabolical yet angelic per¬sona. ... Mark is Editor and Scapegoat; Karen has volunteered as Assistant Editor and Workhorse. More staff appointments will be announced as they are cornered. ... HERE’S WHAT WE WANT FROM YOU: ... convention reports; book reviews’ movie reviews ... a column authored by YOU ... noble thoughts concerning the place of man in the universe. ... The more we receive, the less we have to concoct ourselves!”

Despite the “we” references, the STAR News is produced solely by the Editor with no assistance and little input.

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