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from the STAR OKC Chronicles -- first part of 1981


The year begins with these officers: President Zann Jones; Vice-President Maxine Frantz; Secretary Tammy Bothel; Treasurer Paul Marek; Publications Larry Jones

From January, 1981, here’s a list of S.T.A.R.’s 26 members:

Mark Alfred
David Kirksey
Diane LeBlanc
David Arnold
Paula Bell
Brian Lemons
Tammy Bothel
Paul Marek
Kathy Bennett
Kathy Milligan
Jeff Midkiff
Eddie Cunningham
Mary Jane Dossett
Andrea Murray
Lori McCoy
John Gilfillan
Sandra McCool
Larry Nemecek
Mike Hodge
Mike Powell
Larry Jones
Gary Saunders
Zann Jones
Theresa Wilson

At the January meeting are 12 S.T.A.R. members. Yearly dues are $4. A rank system is in place that gives points for recruiting, attending meetings, fundraising, giving rides to func-tions, and so on. Achievement Awards are established for Attendance, Fundraising, Recruit¬ing, Trivia, and Most Valuable Member. However, some members also interject snide remarks concerning how silly they think a Rank System is.

The February meeting sees a Zann¬produced one-page update, the Stardate Review. President Jones discusses the Rank System and offers Club T-shirts for sale. These official S.T.A.R. OKC shirts are light blue and feature Mark Alfred’s design: the Club name in STTMP lettering and the Starfleet insignia across the chest, with the STTMP-style belt buckle at the waist. Also, Zann announces that BabelCon ’81 will be held at the Lincoln Plaza on August 7-9, with Special Guest James “Scotty” Doohan. However, total Club funds, including S.T.A.R. and BabelCon accounts, amount to only $39.49 So what do we do now?

Among the activities used to raise funds for BabelCon ’81 is the sale of Gold C Coupon Books, which at its ending in March has raised all of $65. S.T.A.R. is a long ways from what it needs to hold the big Con being planned.

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